• Cute and Easy to Clean

    Silicone food catcher bibs are the best thing to have for baby 6 months and up. I used to have fabric but I switch because I was sick of washing and hanging up to dry. I have brought other material that can be washable and reuse right away but they get worn out quick. I didnít have any problem with silicone bibs. They are food grade silicone that is non-toxic and BPA/PVC free. They have two colors to choose from, which are blue and purple or you can get them in a set. It is lightweight which is awesome for babies so they donít have to feel like they wearing something so heavy. I love how Ubaby include an adjustable neck fastener so your baby can be comfortable wearing it around their neck. There are three fasteners to choose from. Best feature is definitely the pocket catcher. No matter how much my son moves, the pocket catcher still catches all the food I feed him. After you have finished using the bib, you can easily wash it by hand or throw them in the dishwasher. They are stain-resistant as well. Overall, these are great bibs and would make a great baby shower gift or additional to a baby shower gift basket. I will be ordering them for a bunch of my friends who are currently pregnant so I cannot wait to see what they will say about the gift.

    By DJ Eydelman on July 11, 2016

  • Cute and practical silicone baby bib!

    Great invention! This is so easy to clean it's amazing! I was worried it would be too heavy for baby, but it's nice and light! Catches food easily and makes messes much easier to clean. BPA free silicone and adjustable neck. Recommend!

    By Lora on July 11, 2016

  • Amazing things these bibs are

    I received this product for an honest review, I really like how they really do catch all the food that falls between the tray and baby. I like the colors, they're great for boys and girls. The silicone makes them easy to wear than wash! Simple cute design. The neckband is better then other brands and doesn't irritate the child's neck. I'm highly impressed with the bibs. They make great gifts for showers, I wish these were around 10 years ago.

    By Cara Aguirre on July 11, 2016

  • Awesome!

    With these bibs cleanup was super easy, Just wash it in the sink with a little soapy water, no more waiting until you do laundry again to use the bib again. As you can see by the pictures down below Elliot likes his new bibs too. * These bibs were provided to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

    By Nicole Roberts on July 11, 2016

  • No more pre treating and soaking my cloth bibs. These silicone bibs are so awesome! Easy clean up!

    These silicone bibs are a laundry saver! I absolutely love that I can just rinse these off or throw them in the dishwasher after meal time and voila! They are ready to be used again! We just started solid foods and I am already tired of spraying the cloth bibs and soaking them only to find the sweet potatoes did not wash out. With the silicone it makes clean up so easy! I love that it has a nice pocket that catches the excess food. These are also pretty soft! I thought they would be uncomfortable, but she is not bothered by the material at all. These are made from non toxic, BPA free, 100% food grade soft silicone. I love the piece of mind knowing that when these go in my peanuts mouth that it is safe for her. I received these lovely bibs at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and opinion. All of the above statements are my own thought and are based on my personal experience with this product. Overall I am super happy with these bibs! I would be happy receiving these as a gift and I would love to give them as gifts to my mommy friends. I think they are a fair price. I think the amount of money I will save not dousing my cloth bibs in shout will cover the cost of these bibs in no time ;) I hope you enjoy your bibs just as much as we do!

    By Alisha S on July 11, 2016

  • Love these! Easy to use easy to clean

    I love these silicone bibs by Ubaby! They are adorable to wear, and 100% BPA free. The bibs neck is adjustable which is great because my 2 year old is a bean pole and my 11 month old is chunky, and bibs never fit them the same. I hate traditional bibs because on my 11 month old they scratch his neck and bother him. I love that they have a food catcher, because we all know how much food drops and makes a mess that way. These are also super easy to clean, because they are made of silicone they just wipe right off and dry fast too.

    By Meghan Robledo (Verified Purchase) on July 11, 2016