• Cute and functional!

    I love these bibs! They are not only cute, but they are functional! I wish they were a little wider at the top because my grandson likes to turn his head while you are trying to feed him. He is easily distracted! This usually means the food ends up on his shoulder. These bibs are great for when he is feeding himself and drops the food out of his mouth. The pocket catches it all! They are easy to clean up and can even go in the dish washer. They are absolutely great for spit up too because it all goes in the pocket and you can just wash it out. Keeps baby clean and dry!

    By Cynthia Hayter on July 01, 2016

  • exactly like on the picture

    I have been looking for a silicon bib for my baby, and I stopped on this one here. In only two days got two very cute color bibs, exactly like on the picture, and my son loves it)) Very soft and comfortable material, plus it is adjustable around neck. They provide a perfect barrier from wet spills and catch food in to the pocket. I personally love the fact, that they are dishwasher save. I would defiantly recommend this product to my friend! Luckily I get to use it with my baby! It really covers her up, keeps her clean, catches EVERYTHING and she likes to "fish" in the pocket for things she did not mean to drop! This is one of the best products of the year, if not decade!

    By Kate on June 30, 2016

  • love the pocket

    These bibs are so cute. i have never tried silicone bibs before so, I was a little doubtful, and boy was I wrong. These bibs are very lightweight and soft, not what I expected at all. I thought they would be heavy and stiff or bulky. The little pocket is a great idea because it does catch some of the mess. Tonight the pocket was a little wet inside because sometimes Elliot drools a little when he is drinking his bottle. It was so nice that it was caught in the pocket and not all over his clothes. Cleanup was super easy, Just wash it in the sink with a little soapy water, no more waiting until you do laundry again to use the bib again. As you can see by the pictures down below Elliot likes his new bibs too.

    By Maggie on June 30, 2016

  • Awesome silicone baby bibs!

    Awesome silicone baby bibs! Theses bibs are so adorable and convenient to use. I was instantly impressed with these bibs, due to their awesome design. I appreciate the fact that they are so easy to clean, unisex in color, and very comfortable for a baby to wear. I am pleased with this item and I will definitely recommend them. I have my first child who can remove this bib. If there was a larger knot at the end she would not be able to slide it to the end of the strap and get it off. I still will continue to use this item. It catches more food than any other.

    By 1tampettiford on June 29, 2016

  • Amazing product for my baby!

    Exeptional quality soft silicone bib, nice and smooth to the touch, my daughter loved it. It was a great found for us for the summer time since she could wear these without her top. It has a comfortable snap on the side, easy attachible and a large pocket that saves time for cleaning the mess:) Also communication with seller was very good, fast shipment and a huge discount! Overall, very good product and buying experience - highly recommend! They are dishwasher safe, I imagine top shelf would be the best place. But really, you don't even need that. Just a little soap and water right after a meal and they are cleaned in seconds. I use a diluted bleach water solution once in a while as well. There is no Velcro that will get all pilley and eventually not stick and can be fitted to ANY neck size, unlike the single button bibs. I am buying them for everyone I know who are having babies. These ROCK!

    By Amazon Customer on June 26, 2016

  • Amazing quality, easy to use

    Amazing quality, easy to use, it does not change shape after use, easy to clean and good price for set like for me! For sure guys you will be not disappointed. Buy and Enjoy !

    By Ruslan on June 24, 2016