• Great easy to bibs for self feeding

    I have three kids, ages 5 and under, and I am pregnant with my fourth child, so I have been through my fair share of bibs. I have never had a silicone bib before, I have had a food catching bib but it was not dishwasher safe like ts bib by Ubaby and it did no do a good job of catching food because the catching part would lay flat. And my other bibs had Velcro securing them, which all my kids learned to pull off before they were 1 years old, so bibs were pointless then. I tried these silicone whale bibs on my 1 year old son, who drops a ton of food at every meal. I love the buttons for hooking these bib, you can adjust the size and they are not easy to pull off like the Velcro. These bibs are BPA free and dishwasher safe, but I just find it easy enough to dump the food it catches in the garbage first and then just wash it by hand with my dishes. I find it funny the the bib has monkey ears on it, my older kids pointed them out. I like how bib is lightweight, I was expecting it to be heavier, and how the catch on it stays open, but it is not too big to get in the way of my son for him to eat. These bibs work great, and are good for any babies as they start feeding themselves and making messes. Would be a great addition to any baby shower gift for a boy or a girl.

    By Jessica Maroszek on July 07, 2016

  • food can be easily wiped off

    These baby bibs are made out of a high quality food grade silicone material, food can be easily wiped off. Although they are very easy to clean they can also be put in the dishwasher for an easier clean up. The baby bibs are also waterproof so your child will not ruin their clothing. The bibs are recommended for ages six months and up, they are also adjustable which is perfect for your growing child. When purchasing these bibs you will receive a pack of two bibs, One purple and the other a pretty turquoise color. They are listed as gender neutral but in my opinion are a little more on the girly side. They're bibs are also non-toxic and BPA free so they are safe for the baby and kids. On the front there are pocket on the front there are pockets to catch any crumbs that may fall. I would really like to see them made in more colors then just purple and blue. On the off chance that you ruin a bib they offer a lifetime warrantee. The current list price on Amazon for them is $22 but they are currently on sale for $15.95,this is a pretty good price.

    By Rinareviews on July 06, 2016

  • Love love love

    Love love love!! these bibs are amazing and I wish I would have had them a year ago. I have two small children and I tried it the fist day I received them. First they come in a cut little box very well packaged and looking nice!! I opened them up and they had a little smell but I washed them with soapy water and no more smell. They do give you two so that is even better. I can see how some people would look away because of the price but it is worth it. They have 4 different holes to click it closed and they go on and come off easy. Very easy to clean. You can also store some snacks in the catcher part and roll it up and put away in your bag for later :) just works great! I will be traveling soon and these are going to come in handy for sure. I did receive this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. My opinions are my own. Another plus is they are cute and my kids love them which in the past they have wanted to take bibs off.

    By Ryannah on July 06, 2016

  • ... other "crumb catcher" bibs before but these are much better as they have a smaller pocket to catch the ...

    I have used other "crumb catcher" bibs before but these are much better as they have a smaller pocket to catch the food that does not get in the baby's way while eating. My first son has this ridiculous one that made him so angry because he couldn't see his food. But these are smaller and more pliable so they mold to the baby's chest. They are adjustable at the top for different sizes with three different slots and 2 knobs to attach to. They can go in the dishwasher which is amazing!!! I love being able to just throw them in to get clean. And they are so portable! They fold up nicely in our diaper bag for on the go eating. I will be using them for son and my new baby on the way as well!!

    By Mandy (Verified Purchase) on July 06, 2016

  • Very cute.

    These are great silicone bibs. They lock into place nicely. Anyone who has a baby knows that most of the velcro bibs can be pulled off by baby once they get a little bigger and start tugging. These have the knobs that the bib hooks onto so it cannot easily be pulled off. It has 3 adjustments for neck size so it can grow with baby and not be too loose or tight on their neck. The silicone is very easy to clean and the little whale design is so cute. The pocket can help catch falling food so it does not get all over the table and floor. It is large enough to protect clothing and would make a great baby shower gift.

    By Caitlin on July 05, 2016

  • Adorbs!

    This are so cute and soft and easy to clean! This set would work for a boy or girl - just darling. totally soft food grade safe silicone for the baby and easy to attach for mom or dad. The drip tray is such a great idea - since we know what goes in -usually comes back out! lol. Nice for a gift but great for going to restaurants or staying at home. Every parent and grandparent should have these handy for treats and meals!

    By RM on July 05, 2016