• Super bright colored flexible bib

    I ordered this set of bibs for my daughter who is expecting because I saw a baby wearing one at a restaurant and the mom said she really liked them. I love my silicone bakeware. I really like the bright colored aqua and purple they come in. They are a thick quality silicone material that seems like they will really hold up to use. They were smaller than I expected and heavier than I expected. I used to have a harder molded plastic bib like this I used back in the day but this one will work better because it is more flexible it will be more comfortable in a high chair with a tray. Clean up will be as simple as rinsing off and a little soap and water. I will provide an update after I get to use them on my new grand daughter!

    By YaYaMamaSara on July 09, 2016

  • Love these bibs

    These silicone bibs are amazing. The work so well, easy to clean and keeps the baby from getting food all over their clothes. The food pocket is the best for catching all that food the babies spit out or drop and you donít have to bend to pick it up off the floor. These bibs are made from nontoxic silicone and are very durable and seem like they will be long lasting. It has an adjustable neck fastener in the back to make it easier to fit your baby. Overall these bibs are wonderful and do what they are made for. I highly recommend them to everyone who has children.

    By Kim1612 on July 09, 2016

  • Super cute and useful bibs!

    These are totally cute little whale bibs that also collect food in their little pouches. The bib is soft and malleable while being semi open on the pouch part to grab spilled food that my daughter would otherwise drop into her lap. The bibs are super easy to clean by just rinsing them out with water and letting them dry (or wiping them dry, depends on your preference). The bibs are easy to get on with two different size snaps. They are also really cute and my daughter looks adorable wearing hers!

    By Gingermom84 on July 09, 2016

  • Happy with these bibs

    The bibs are super adorable! I love the design. These bibs are very fun. It's especially nice that I can use these and not add to the laundry pile. Having a baby I'm already doing a lot more laundry than before. These are very easy to clean just by wiping down. I actually throw mine in with the my hand washed dishes and then lay it out to dry. Works great! I like that they are adjustable so they are comfortable (not itchy) to my little girl and they will grow with her. Overall I'm very happy with these bibs. I think they would make a great baby shower gift. Even though I did receive these at a discount or free this review is still my own honest opinion. Like you, I rely on reviews when shopping online.

    By Life Outloud on July 08, 2016

  • These bibs are wonderful for any mom

    These bibs are wonderful for any mom. They save time and a lot of mess. They are very easy to use, and adjustable so they grow with your baby. They come in a set of two with 2 bright pretty blue colors, and adorable whale designs. The bibs are made from durable, flexible silicone, making them easy to clean. These bibs are made with a pocket that will collect stray food and potential mess. These will make any mom's life easier. These would make a wonderful and useful baby shower gift.

    By roberta on July 08, 2016

  • Desert cute nice silicone for boys and girls

    Desert cute nice silicone for boys and girls. I like the nice color and a pretty design. I like the part that is made of silk which was very easy to wash. And this for print the baby's clothes from getting stained and it has a little cut on the bottom part to hold all the food that drops. This is so amazing I wish you had this when you ladies were younger I will have to save so much clothes. This is great for everyday. Is very easy to use and has this little button to plug it in and make everything stay in place. Cousin cute designs and I like the little pretty colors to.

    By ceecee on July 07, 2016