• It is great to use when a child start to feed themselves

    This is a durable and functionable bib set. It is great to use when a child start to feed themselves. It also make a great Baby Shower gift.

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    By SSmith on July 10, 2016

  • I love them they make lunch time fun again

    These are my go to baby bibs anymore.. I love them they make lunch time fun again. It's so easy to clean up and my son even likes them.

    By Brittany leann on July 10, 2016

  • dribble catcher

    What a handy set of bibs! Save your baby, or toddlers clothing while making clean-up easier for mom (or the nanny). These bibs are pliable and softer than some brands, which make them more comfortable for little ones to wear. Easy tabs to put on, but not as easy for them to tear it off. Non irritating material, and a narrow catch-all food pocket, which makes it easier on those learning to feed themselves. This will easily catch dribbles or food, juice, drool...anything that comes out of babies mouth. Easy to dump out and then throw in the dishwasher. These are also great for travel as they fit inside themselves, and roll up. Keep snacks or utensils rolled inside of the pocket for easy storage. Great for on the go, or at home. I think any mom would love to have these!

    By We Used That on July 10, 2016

  • ~ Cute Whale Bibs For A Boy Or Girl ~

    These are super cute and easy to clean silicone baby bibs.The pack comes with a purple and blue bib s that have cute whales on them.The pouch on the front of the bib is perfect for catching crumbs and drippings.They are easy to clean by simply rinsing and wiping it off.

    The silicone buttons are easy to put on and off.I like that there is quite a bit of buttons and simple to adjust it for the right size around your baby's neck.The buttons are on the side of the bibs so it won't pull on longer little baby hair.

    By willow on July 10, 2016

  • Great Food Catching Bib

    I wanted to get more silicone baby bibs for my kids and get rid of the other ones that don't really catch any food. I love that these have a wider mouth to catch the food that the kids miss in their mouth. It does great keeping their clothes clean! The silicone bibs are soft and they have a cute whale design on them. The bibs come in blue and purple. They are adjustable to fit the size of your child's neck. It is adjustable so that as your child grows, the bib can still be used. I also love how easy it is to clean silicone bibs. I just hand wash it and hang it up to dry. It is dishwasher safe too but I figure it would be easier just to hand wash them. The bibs have worked great for me! Less to clean up at the end of the meal. When my children see the food in the bib, they will put their hands in the pocket and pick them up to eat them again. One thing I did not expect though and it has nothing to do with how this bib was manufactured...my children learned to play peek-a-boo with it. They would lift the bib up so the pocket is up side down and play peek-a-boo with me. They giggle and laugh and do it again. That's when this bib gets tricky haha. However, overall this is a great bib and I am happy with my purchase.

    By CLo on July 10, 2016

  • Awesome bibs!

    These silicone bibs are great and are perfect for either a boy or girl. I love silicone bibs because they are easy to clean and the pocket catches all those extra bits that don't quite make it into baby's mouth keeping the rest of baby's clothes clean as well! These make a great baby shower gift as well! You can never have too many bibs so be sure to pick these up right away!

    By JQAngel25 on July 10, 2016